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Scientific name: Berberis vulgaris L
Persian names: Zereshk
English names: Barberry, common barberry, Pipperidage, Berberry
Arabic names: Oghdeh, Anbar baris, oodo al-rih

This plant belongs to the barberry family (Berberidaceae)
Organs used: fruit
The active substance of this plant is stem, bark, root and fruit. This plant contains an alkaloid compound from the isoquinoline group called berberine, which is the most important active ingredient in barberry.
This delicious plant is used to treat diarrhea, stomach upset, fever, liver and bladder disorders, fever, lung infection, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, treatment of inflammation of the urinary tract, bronchitis, sore throat.
This plant is indigenous to the Central and Southern Europe, North America, South Asia and the northern region of Pakistan and the northern regions of Iran, especially Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Alborz, Qara Dagh, Khorasan Mountains and Kerman.

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