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Shirazi Thyme

Scientific name: Zataria multiflora
Farsi name: Avishan shirazi, Avishan, Afeshan, Avishm, Avishan barg pahn
English name: Zataria, Zaatar, Shirazi thyme
Arabic name: Zaetar

Thyme is one of the most well-known plants of Lamiaceae family with many medicinal and healing properties. It is an herbaceous plant with many branches, with about 30 cm in height that grows in mountainous areas between rocks. The organs used of this plant are the flowers and especially its leaves. This herbaceous and fragrant plant has many medicinal properties and was recommended in traditional Iranian medicine for the treatment of many diseases. It also has variety of applications in food, pharmaceutical, health and cosmetics industries. This plant has various compounds such as metabolically active substances, terpenoid compounds, thymol and carvacrol, apigenin, luteolin as well as tetramethoxylate.
Important therapeutic properties and effects:
• Treatment of bloating
• Treatment of body odor
• Treatment of bad breath
• Treatment of sinusitis
• cough treatment
• Treat weakness and lethargy
• Treatment of rheumatism
• Control blood pressure levels
• Treatment of skin problems
• Improve bone density

It should be noted that this plant is native to Southwest Asia, especially Iran, Pakistan and India. This plant is naturally native to mountainous areas and grows in Pakistan, India and Iran. In Iran, this plant grows in the Zagros Mountains, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Fars and other regions of Iran.

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