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Scientific name: Ferula gummosa Boiss, Ferula Gummosa
English name: Galbanum
Persian name: Barijeh, Ashagh, Ghasni, Bazard,
Arabic name: Ghaneh, Kalakh

This plant is one of the perennial herbaceous plants that belongs to the Apiaceae family and the most important part of its medicinal use is gum. The root of Galbanum is bulky with a thickness of 1-3 millimeters. The height of this plant varies from 1-4 meters.
Galbanum gum contains valuable chemical and medicinal compounds such as alpha, monoterpene, sabinene, alpha pinene, beta-pinene and paracetamol.
Some of the important therapeutic properties and effects of Galbanum:
• Treatment of cardiovascular problems
• Treatment of anorexia
• Anti-cough
• Healing skin wounds
• Anticonvulsants
• Treatment of stomach pain
• Healer of superficial wounds

Galbanum essential oil and gum are widely used in food and cosmetics industries. This plant is native to the Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Middle East and grows in Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. It grows in the central mountainous regions and northeastern of Iran, especially in Zanjan, Tehran, Damavand, Kermanshah and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

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