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Black Seed

Scientific name: Nigella Sativa L.
English name: Black Cumin, Black Caraway, Garden Fennel Flower, Roman Coriander, Nutmeg Flower, Coriander of Room, Black Seed
Arabic name: Komon akhal, Komon asaad, Shanoj, Shoniz, Habe soda
Persian name: Siah dane, Siah tokhme

Black seed belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and contains sugars, saponins, albuminoids, alkaloids, essential oils and a toxic glucoside called melanin, as well as a non-crystalline yellow bitter substance soluble in water and alcohol called nigelline. is. The medicinal organs of this plant are its seeds.
Black seed grows in Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. In Iran, this plant grows in Yazd, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Isfahan, Hamedan, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan and Tehran.
The following are the most important medicinal and Therapeutic properties of black seed:
• Anticancer
• Anti-allergy
• Antispasmodic
• Anti-cold
• Cough relief
• Help remove kidney stones
• Increased milk in breastfeeding mothers

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