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Persian Shallot

Scientific name: of Allium Hirtifolium Boiss
English names: Shallot, Persian Shallot
Persian letter: shallot, Iranian shallot
Arabic letter: Jabali foam, al-Kurath, locked

Iranian shallot with Allium hirtifolium is a perennial plant belonging to the Allium species and of the Alliaceae family. This plant is similar to garlic and its root has only one large Bulb and its leaves are long and narrow and its flowers are reddish purple. The medicinal and edible organs of this useful and valuable plant is bulb, it has a lesser smell than garlic. This plant contains effective compounds such as iron, copper, antioxidants, flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol, allicin, allium and allyl disulfate.
Important therapeutic properties and effects:
• Reduce the risk of cancer
• Increased production of red blood cells
• Adjust cholesterol levels
• Help lower blood pressure
• Lower blood sugar
Which is a native plant of Iran and grows wild in the pastures, slopes and mountains of the Zagros.

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