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Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia Mill
English name: True Lavender, Garden Lavender, Common Lavender
Farsi name: Ostokhodous, Ostoqodous
Arabic name: A-Kharimi, Al-Gharf , Ons-al-Ruh

lavender is a member of Lamiaceae family and its Organ Used is Flower. Active substance of this plant is essential oil and its main active ingredients is linalyl acetate.
lavender has been used for treatment of pain, bacterial and fungal infections, depression and as a sedative. Fresh leaves and flowers are used to treatment of headaches and rheumatic pain. the oil of this plant is used in cosmetics and perfumery industry.
Lavender was originally found only in the Mediterranean region, Europe and in Africa, but not native to Iran and is cultivated.

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