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Oxtongue Flower

Scientific name: Echium Amoenum
English name: Vipers bugloss, Oxtongue flower, Red Feathers
Persian name: Gol Gav Zaban
Arabic name: Lesan al-soor

This fragrant plant with the scientific name of Echium Amoenum belongs to the Boraginaceae family and its medicinal organ is flower. Native to a region in north of Iran, Alborz Mountains, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Bazaft, the southern slopes of the Zagros Mountains and the Caucasus. This plant usually grows in high hills and altitudes of 60 to 2200 meters. The European type of this plant called (Borage) or European borage is found in Europe and the Mediterranean. Iranian Oxtongue flower is different from its European type in terms of shape and species. Persian type of this herb has red, funnel-shaped flowers that turn blue and purple when dried. While the European type has flowers of light blue color and star-shaped.
Important therapeutic properties of Oxtongue flower:
• It strengthens the five senses and the heart
• Flu treatment
• Eliminates depression
• Lowering blood pressure
• Relaxing
• Anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory
• Prevention of gastric cancer
• Other

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