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Quality and Food Safety

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success, progress and permanence in international markets. Investments in manpower, training, quality culture, research and development over the last years has already makes us as one of the big producer and supplier of high quality of medicinal plants, dried fruit and nuts around the world. Our big mission is to raise the index of customer satisfaction around the world. We believe that customer satisfaction will create mutual business loyalty and trust. Therefore, based on reliable international standards we have tried to make our customers happy in the quality, health and hygiene of products. Following tractability rules and comprehensive implemented tractability system, presence of knowledge-based quality experts let us claim that all Yaser foods Industries Company products are traceable from farm to fork. We focus on quality, safety, legality and integrity.

Research and Development investment

To remain relevant in an increasingly competitive world, a business enterprise must invest in a research and development solution to innovate products, improve processes, and enhance consumer services. This is a fact that, giving priority to research and development investment will help businesses to make the customers happy and open new gate to the different innovation. Nowadays, food as a main source of nourishment, pleasure, health, happiness and peace of mind and people are increasingly aware that foods choices can impact their quality of life. people always looking and interested to new ideas and innovation. So, Research and development department of our company is the heart of our company. Behind our products is a team who works full time to make our products healthier and help our customers improve and develop their overall health and well-being. We committed to create innovation with highest quality.

Custom Packaging

Yaser Foods Industries company allows customers to design their packaging based on their interest, print their desired name, logo, address or anything else according to their need. Let the customers to know the story of your brand and make impressive impressions through YFITC custom-designed packaging.

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