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Rabbi Rabbi Dates


One of the best loved and earliest date varieties is Rabbi dates. they have large fruit in red, blackish and shiny and clear skin. These dates look similar to Piatom dates fruit. Rabbi dates fruit have a very good taste before they become semi-arid and are even tastier than Mazafati. Rabbi dates are categorized in semi-dried dates and this kind has a good and high durability.
Because the sweetness of rabbi dates is natural, some people prefer rabbi dates because of their low sweetness in comparison to mazafati dates. Rabbi date is extremely popular, so that often it presells before production. This type is also used as an industrial date, and products such as date syrup, date liquid sugar, date chocolate, fruit leather (Lavashak), cookie and some beverage ingredients are obtained from Rabbi dates.
Rabbi dates are cultivated in several cities in Iran such as, Chabahar, Saravan, Iranshahr, Zabol, Khash and Sistan and Baluchistan province. These cities are most important areas in the production of Rabbi Date in the Iran.
Packing weight range, we can supply as below:
5 Kg Carton
10 kg Carton
Jumbo Max 160/kg
We can arrange another packing types per customer’s request.

Keeping Condition

This date is a type of semi-dry date and has a good shelf life. The appearance of this date is wrinkled and tall. Due to the low humidity, these Iranian dates have a high shelf life and this makes exporting unnecessary for cold storage. Due to the very low moisture content rabbi dates have high shelf life. Rabbi dates do not require a refrigerator for being stored for short time. But to store them for long-term you must keep it in the refrigerator.
Rabbi dates can be considered as one of the most economical dates in Iran, there is usually no proper storage condition for these dates at their place of origin these dates must be kept away from sunlight. Rabbi dates can be stored at an accurate timing of 12-18 months in cold storages depending on the date and the place it is kept.


• Cures Anemia
• Treatment of Diarrhea
• Bone Health
• Maintains Healthy Nervous System
• Treatment of Allergies
• Cures Anemia
• Dental Health
• Good for heart
• Maintenance of Healthy Skin
• Anti-ageing Benefits
• Healthy Hair

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