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Zahedi Zahedi Dates


Zahedi dates is one of the famous dry and semi-arid dates in Iran., it can be considered as the most frequently used kind of date in Iran. This date is mostly cultivated in the Southern Provinces of Iran, Fars, Kerman and mostly in Hormozgan and Bushehr Province.
Iranian Zahedi Date is dry fruit with yellow color to light brown, its shape is short, oval, thick, elongated and at the end it is quite narrow and sharp. It is so delicious with high durability which its moisture is less than other kinds of date.
This date is mostly grown in the Southern Provinces of Iran, mostly in Posht-e Kuh, Hormozgan and Bushehr Province. The weather in the Southern provinces of Iran is mostly hot which makes it perfect for date palm trees to grow, so the farmers mostly grow this type of date there is this area. We mostly export this date to India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Poland, and Hungry, Europe etc.

Packing weight range, we can supply as below:
5 Kg Carton
10 kg Carton
Jumbo Max 160/kg
We can arrange another packing types per customer’s request.

Keeping Condition

Shelf life of Zahedi date is one year after the production date. You can keep it at room temperature which has good air ventilation and it is free of dust. However, it is better to keep them in the refrigerator which is cool and dry with proper air ventilation.


• Cures Anemia
• Treatment of Diarrhea
• Bones Health
• Maintains Healthy Nervous System
• Treatment of Allergies
• Dental Health
• Good for heart
• Maintenance of Healthy Skin
• Anti-ageing Benefits
• Healthy Hair
• treatment of chronic constipation
• nerve stimulation and visual acuity

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